Saturday, July 02, 2011

My Week In Movies - Kneel Before Mater

Cars 2 (2011) I think the folks at Pixar are just so darn smart that we as the American movie going public just don't know exactly what to make of this action-packed sequel. Usually a sequel flip flops elements of the first film or just offers up a similar experience to the original. Cars 2 is unlike any other sequel ever made. It's a completely different film from the 2006 original. This is an action picture, a spy thriller inhabited by the world of Cars. We've certainly never seen a spy movie with an all automobile cast and dare I say we've never really seen a sequel that is a different genre than it's original. Cars 2 is funny, action packed and quite clever with it's storyline. It's not the heart tugging kind of picture UP or Toy Story 3 is, but Cars was never really about the heart strings. This is just a good solid entertaining picture which is actually quite above the heads of the kids who will want to buy the toys based on every single character and scene in this movie. For a G rated flick, there is an awful lot of drinking in this movie. It's never really said what anyone...or anycar? is drinking, but it's implied by the way the drinks are presented. None of the characters get drunk, or abuse alcohol - it was just something I noticed while watching the movie. There is also little if any reason to see it in 3-D. We saw a flat 2-D screening and the visuals are simply amazing at the lower ticket prices.

It's A Bikini World (1967) There exists a movie with the beyond awesome title "It's A Bikini World" and I have only now seen it in my 37th year on this planet! That's a crime against humanity, I tells ya! The film involves the extremely cute Deborah Walley as a beach bunny who meets stuck up jock Tommy Kirk. He likes her, but she wants nothing to do with him. So....he puts on a pair of glasses and tucks in his shirt and pretends to be his own imaginary brother. Wouldn't ya know it, she falls for the fake brother. Then some wacky hi-jinks ensure, wait a minute...nothing really wacky happens. She figures it all out pretty quick and then forgives him and then run off into the surf together. As with any film made between 1962 and 1967 with the words BEACH, PAJAMA, PARTY or BIKINI in the title, a large amount of screen time is devoted to showcasing the rock n' roll bands the kids are so fond of.

Superman II (1980) It's amazing that there are kids out there today who haven't seen a Superman movie. When I was little, if you happened upon a Superman movie on TV you dropped what you were doing and watched the rest of it. It's not that we were big Superman fans, it's just something you did as a kid in the early 80's. The plot of Chapter 2 involves some bad guys coming to Earth and refusing to rest until they make Superman kneel down before them. Sounds kind of gay, eh? It's alot less goofy than the first Superman movie where he flew around the globe so fast he reversed the direction of the Earth's rotation. There's a perfect balance of humor and action in these older superhero movies that today's onslaught of comic picture could take a lesson from.

June Movie Count: 14
Best New Movie: Drive Angry
Best Rewatch: Superman II
Worst Movie: The Roommate

2011 Movie Count: 103

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