Saturday, January 28, 2006

Eats Like A Bird

Last night for diner, I made Worms & Dirt for our dessert. Elias was very excited at the concept of eating worms. He dug right into the gummy worm and, without me noticing, devoured the whole thing without chewing it.
Quickly, Elias began choking. I did the traditional half-ass pat on the back thing. After a few wacks on the back, it was obvious that this would require more attention. Elias started gagging and turning red! Usually he has no trouble spitting food out, but he couldn't clear his throat.
So....I reached inside his little mouth and pulled the entire, squishy, wet gummy worm out of him. Disgusting? Yes! I looked like a mother bird with a worm dangling over my kids head.

So, I did what any good mother bird would have done. I chewed the worm up and spit it back into Elias' mouth!


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