Monday, January 23, 2006

Skating with Celebrities

The latest train wreck of a TV show that I've gotten myself into is Fox's "Skating with celebrities" which is an obvious rip-off of ABC's hit "Dancing with the Stars." See...Fox has celebrities while ABC has's actually totally different.
What makes "Skating" TiVo-worthy in my book, is that one of the celebrities is 80's Pop Princess Deborah Gibson. To say I was obsessed with Debbie Gibson in high school is an understatement. Debbie has always held a special place in my heart! While the rest of my class was listening to The Cure and Guns & Roses...I was alone with Debbie!
In 1995, I got to personally meet Debbie Gibson at an in-store CD signing at a Borders in Pentagon City. That was awesome!

So, as cheesy as it's cool to see Debbie on a prime time television show where each week her and her professional skating partner compete against 5 other pairs for some prize or title that has never been mentioned. I guess just the satisfaction of being the greatest non-skater skating celebrity in the world is prize enough.

This week was a close call for Debbie, as the first team was eliminated from the show. Debbie and her partner were in last place until the last team of the night struck out. It seems Todd Bridges, although quite an entertaining skater, took a spill and was eliminated from the competition.

If Debbie had been voted off...I could have just threw in the towel and stopped watching the show. But Debbie moves on, and I must stick with her. The problem comes if she gets voted off with two or three shows to go! I might find myself too emotionally invested in the show to walk away! I then I would have to question my sexuality!?

At this point in the game, I'm predicting that Jillian Barberre chick from FOX NFL is going to be the winner. But it's early! Who can tell! More importantly...who gives a rat's flying fig!???!

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