Sunday, February 26, 2006

Big Night Out

Today is our third wedding anniversary. To celebrate, last night I took Jen out to dinner at The Forebay at the Hershey Lodge. While we were out we realized this was our first date/night with out the kids since December 2004 when we went to Red Lobster and a movie!

The selection of restaurant was very nice. The place wasn't too fancy, but it was a couple steps up from a Red Lobster. We had an excellent meal. Along with the bread and butter, they brought out Caviar which neither of us had ever tried before. It was ok...reminded me of Lox or Salmon Spread. Jennifer also tried a Chocolate Martini which was really tasty. The glass had a dusting of cocoa around the rim and instead of an olive in the glass, there was a Hershey's Kiss.
We shared an appetizer, CHOCOLATE SEARED DIVERS SCALLOPS with a vanilla scented beurre blanc. Sounds kind of weird mixing seafood and chocolate but the chocolate was so subtle that it really complimented the flavor of the scallops. And they were probably the best scallops I've ever had!
For our meals, Jennifer ordered MARGARITA MARINATED FREE-RANGE CHICKEN with a tropical fruit salsa. She enjoyed it. I had a bite and it was a well cooked piece of chicken. I had the 16oz. COCOA CRUSTED RIB-EYE STEAK with zesty chocolate demi-glace. First of all, that's a hearty cut of meat right there, my was huge! It had a nice layer of crispy cocoa powder, and then it was topped with the glaze. Again, sounds strange mixing cocoa and meat...but it was awesome! A really unique dining experience!
Of course we did desserts. Jen had some kind of little cake that had hot fudge on the inside, I had a piece of Peanut Butter Cake that was pure Peanut Butter heaven. Both the deserts were topped with whipped cream and fresh berries! Again, it was awesome.
It seems everytime we try to do a "fancy dinner" somewhere, we always leave disappointed for one reason or another. This time was the exception! A great location, and a great meal! And of course, I had the exclusive company of my wife who looked absolutely gorgeous all evening.

However, the rest of the evening kind of fell apart....we were going to go see Casablanca at the Hershey Theatre, but the line was "Star Wars Opening Night-esque" and I don't think there was any way we were getting in. So then we tried a comedy club in Harrisburg, but both their shows were sold out! Since we don't go out and do adult things....EVER...we didn't really know any other options, so after driving around a while we just decided to come home!

It was still a very memorable evening, and I'm going to make sure it's not another 14 - 15 months till we get out again!


Chuck said...

Congrats on the 3rd Anniversary!!!

I think that is glass or crystal.

Amy said...

Congratulations!! Three years, that's great! Matthew and I have had some drive-around-after-dinner-and-end-up-coming-home nights too.

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