Friday, February 17, 2006

A Family Thing

I'm very excited that our household is going to be a Nielsen Family! The Nielsen ratings are the estimated number of viewers watching any particular TV program. The higher a shows ratings, the more advertising money they can charge. Each ratings point represents a certain number of households watching that program. Well, the shows that my family and I watch from now will directly contribute to that shows ratings. Everything we watch, will represent thousands of other people watching that show! So be prepared for big ratings for Court TV's 1,000 daily reruns of COPS!

To be excited about it is kind of nerdy, but that all goes back to me being obsessed with TV when I was younger. And of course, this all has to happen the season I get into American Idol, like that show needs any help in the ratings!

Wonderful World of Blog Shoutouts to Corinne and Chris who recently moved back to the area! Welcome back from AZ ya'll!!!! Corinne and I (and Amy) spent a summer together working at Port Discovery. Chris played guitar in the orchestra for the musical SUNBURNED which I wrote and directed in the summer of 1997! I went to their wedding in....summer of `01 (? I believe!!!)
Welcome back and welcome to the blog!

1 comment:

Nancy H. said...

You have to be in the top 10 of people I would consider to be likely to participate in a Nielsen ratings study!

Well, study hard, Ed. We viewers are depending on you.

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