Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Project: Garage Part II

Here's the progress we've made on the garage. It doesn't look like much from this photo...but we basically got all the trash out of there except for some left over Homes Magazines from my delivery route that are in the front corner. Now, it's just a matter of organizing stuff (like my two tractors!?!) I'll be quite honest with ya, it's going to be a while `till I get back to it!

This morning, while I was giving Tanner a bottle, I was watching a great old movie called The Music Box staring Laurel and Hardy. Elias walked into the room, looked at the television for a few moments, saw Laurel and Hardy and then pointed to the screen and said, "DADDY!" Thanks, Elias!

There are about three or four restaurants in the area that I love but Jennifer doesn't like to go to. However, today I caught her on an off moment and we had lunch at Ryan's, which is a buffet. One time we were in there, someone had vomited in the lobby and now the rest of my family doesn't want to go there! Good Eats I tell you, Good Eats!

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