Monday, February 20, 2006

Project: Garage

This is what our garage looked like this morning before I finally began the task of cleaning it out and making it livable for our two cars.
It wasn't in the neatest order before Christmas day, but after Christmas it got pretty bad, pretty quick.
Joey and I loaded up my father-in-law's pick up truck with the a month's worth of trash bags, the boxes to every single thing we've bought in the last 4 months, and a bale of hay (which was a Halloween decoration!) We hauled it all to the dump, and completed phase one of Project: Garage! Tune in tomorrow to see the progress we've made!

I tried McDonald's new Spicy Chicken Sandwich that they can't stop talking about. Apparently you can take an old sandwich which has been on the menu for months, dye it red, and call it a new menu item! The dipping sauce for their chicken tenders is way more spicier that this sandwich! Just give us the McRib, Mickey D...that's all we're waiting for!!!

We got a cool gift for Baby Tanner today from someone at Jen's work. She gave us a very nice set of Burp Cloths, which doesn't sound like much of a gift...but these are very nice. They are very high quality, and very attractive. They come from a company called It's just a local lady who runs this business out of her house, and she seems to make really nice & unique items, so I thought I'd give her a plug!!

Right now there are three babies that we know of waiting to arrive!
My wife's friend, also named Jen, is due any moment now. She was actually in the hospital last night with contractions, but they ended up sending her home for whatever reason. So, that baby should be here any day now.
My college buddy Aaron and his wife are expecting their first child any day now. She was actually due they are just waiting!
And fellow Blogger John and his family are expecting child number two sometime in the next week or so!
I'll have to keep you posted on all the babies!

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