Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ups and Downs

Ups and downs of being a parent...

On the up side:
Last night I took Elias to see Curious George, which he loved! It is fun to take him to the movies as it remains one of my favorite activities and it's even more fun to share it with my son.
Elias was excited to see the movie. He laughed and cheered along, and yelled when he thought Curious George was in trouble. Very Cute!

Down side:
This morning we went to Perkins for lunch. On your way out, you get a tasty treat from their bakery, I always get the lollipop Cookie which is a sugar cookie with frosting baked on a stick. Today they had special Valentine's lollipop cookies with purple frosting and candy hearts on them! Well, Elias wasn't satisfied with his plain sugar cookie, and threw a fit until I had no choice but to surrender my delicious special Valentine's Day cookie to him! I was left with a boring old plain sugar cookie!
You don't understand...it had purple frosting, and it was on there real thick...it looked really good! I was very sad!

This evening, my wife and I (and our three kids) enjoyed a romantic Valentine's Day dinner at Wendy's! Thank you very much!

1 comment:

Nancy H. said...

You will get used to the broken one, the burned edge and the crooked piece of many things.

A friend (one of four brothers) confided that he had believed for years that his Mom & Dad loved the chicken wings best. But, years later, when he & his wife invited his folks to dinner, his parents were sad and surprised to be served just the wings, while every body else got the chicken breasts.

My friend had told his wife about all the times his folks had playfully fought over the wings, insisting that they were the best part....

He had never known the truth untill that night.

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