Friday, March 31, 2006

David Spade & iPods

David Spade recently kicked off the second season of his Hollywood themed Daily Show clone "The Showbiz Show with David Spade". New episodes of his show air Thursday nights at 10:30pm on Comedy Central and then are repeated 4,000 times in accordance with the FCC's basic cable laws.

The current episode made me laugh out loud several times, especially in a segment they call "There, I Said It" where Spade goes off on a rant about someone or something in the entertainment world. This week his target was iPods, and it was so brilliant and dead on that instead of quoting it or transcribing it I want you to go watch it. If you go to Comedy Central's website and scroll down just a little, you'll find the Showbiz Show section. Click on it and it will take you directly to the video of David Spade's rant on iPods. If the picture freezes, don't worry about...just listen to the audio. There isn't all the much to see anyways! But it's so funny and right on the money, I wish I had written it here weeks ago!

I don't hate iPods. I'm usually very reluctant on new technology. I was not ready to trade in my VHS for DVD eight years ago! That might be because I was still upset about all the money I sank into Laserdiscs. I thought the internet was going to be a fad and I stayed away from that for as long as I could hold out. Of course, I hoped right online when I found out you could hear the songs from Muppet Treasure Island weeks before the movie came out. And even this whole HD/wide-screen/plasma/flat screen television stuff I don't really get!?

I guess the iPod thing is ideal for people who are really into their music. I don't even think I like enough music to fill half of the smallest iPod. I like a handful of songs from the 80's, The Spice Girls, soundtracks to old Disney movies and that Since You've Been Gone song by Kelly Clarkson.

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