Thursday, March 09, 2006

Elias The Firefighter

Elias loves reading about firefighters and fire trucks, and he loves to play fire fighter too. Elias was very excited last night when a large package was delivered with his name on it. Jen and I were both very confused as the package was from and we hadn't ordered anything. Inside was a very nice fire fighter dress up set from his Uncle Charlie in Texas (my brother).

This set is much nicer than the one I bought Elias for $4.00 at KB Toys! It has a very nice helmet and jacket, along with an axe and a radio that makes noises. It also has a neat hose and a fire extinguisher. Elias loves it all! He wore it for the rest of the night as he put out fires all through the house, and tried to take apart the dish washer with his axe. At end of the night, Elias was sad that I wouldn't let him take the fire extinguisher to bed with him!

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