Thursday, March 02, 2006


How cool is this car!? I'm not one to drive down the road and see a car and say, "Man, I want that car," but If I saw this car driving down the road I'm quite sure I would follow the person home, hide in their bushes and them clobber them with a golf club, take their keys and the car and drive to Mexico! (Too much information!?)
You can win this car in some contest that the Disney Visa Card is having...but I like my plan better! We've got a Mickey Mouse TV with big ears on the top, a Mickey Mouse toaster that plays M-I-C-K-E-Y when your toast pops up, and a Mickey Mouse bathroom with all kinds of Mickey stuff...but a Mickey Mouse Car!!! I'm sorry but that's just about as awesome as awesome gets!

Speaking of cars, this summer in an extended moment of delusion we seriously almost bought a 1963 VW Beetle with the hope of painting it like Herbie The Love Bug. I guess that kind of behavior isn't too surprising from me, but the fact that I had my wife on board was pretty cool! After we had the car painted, I was convinced I was going to rig it up so that it would squirt oil out of the case anyone tried to kidnap us, Herbie could squirt oil on their foot and the bad guy would be real mad!

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