Thursday, March 23, 2006

Joey's School is Dumb

If your child went to school in the school district we live in, you too would have a list of reasons why you believe the school is run by idiots. Here's the latest two additions to our ever-growing list:

1)They are watching "Roots" in class, with the N-word muted out! I can't begin to grasp how ridiculous that is! It's Roots not House Party! The word is used for impact and to illustrate a point...AND in a historical context. Have we become so P.C. that kids are supposed to think that slave masters referred to their slaves as "African Americans"? They might as well use "Song of the South" to teach about slavery, and they probably would if they could get their hands on a DVD of it. Since this is the same school that celebrated National Reading Day....READING watching the movie "The Cat in the Hat", which is a movie not a book nor is it based on anything past the first three sentences of the book! Stupid school!

2) Joey got in trouble the other day for horsing around in the hallway between classes. Basically, a friend of his hit him with his binder and Joey pushed him back! A teacher saw this and wrote the two of them up. The wording in the write-up says: "Joey inappropriately touched another boy." Doesn't that sound a lot more sinister that what really happened. That makes it sound like Joey lured some younger kid to come behind the skating rink and drop his pants for a Darryl Strawberry rookie card! Now Joey has to live with this wording on his permanent record, he'll probably never get into Oral Roberts University like he wanted to, and he'll have to be a registered sex offender no matter where he goes to college! Stupid school!

Basically what I'm getting at is the school is dumb!

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