Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Move Over Oprah!

Today we present, Elias' Book Club! Elias was jealous that Oprah got to dictate what books would be best sellers, so he asked me if he could use the enormous influence of The Wonderful World of Blog to start his own Book Club.
Actually, it's just an excuse to post really cute pictures of my son.

Every week or so, Elias seems to really take a liking to a particular book. This week it's A Bird and His Worm by James Kaczman. It's about a bird who does not like to fly and the adventures he has trying to get south for the winter! Cute book!

1 comment:

Nancy H. said...

Oh, Ed!
What a great photo of your dear little boy!

I rate books & songs as THE BEST for kids. Oh, and kisses & hugs. Oh, and listening & talking.....

Well, anyway, books & songs are THE BEST as regards to entertainment, learning, and interaction.

We would like Elias' Book Club to critique his selections.

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