Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Fever!

The Oscar Awards are tonight and I couldn't really care less. However, I do have one comment to make about the awards. I don't care how much you liked Brokeback Mountain or how good it was...Ang Lee should not win best director!!! Ang Lee still needs to be held accountable for making "Hulk" of the worst movies ever made!!!! That movie was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad that I'm still talking about it three years later! Ang Lee must be made to sit out at least one Academy Awards show before he's allowed back in!! I mean the Hulk fought giant mutated poodles! Poodles!!!! Gay cowboys should be fighting poodles, not the Hulk. Oh my god, that movie was so bad!!!

Here's one cool thing about the Oscars this year: Matt Dillon is nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Crash. I'm sure Crash is a fine movie, I don't even remember it being in theatres, but the great thing is Matt Dillon is nominated for acting's highest award the very same year he appeared in Herbie Fully Loaded! How great is that! Herbie was SUCH a good movie! Don't get me started on Herbie Fully Loaded!
I think Disney should rerelease the DVD to say "co staring 2005 Academy Award Nominee Matt Dillon." Props to you, Mr. Dillon. By the way, he's really good in Herbie too!!! I wonder if Herbie will be a presenter at the awards tonight!? He could squirt oil on the loser's feet!!

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