Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tanner Got X-rayed; Elias Saw Elephants

Yesterday was the big day for Tanner to get his X-rays done! The plan was for me to take Tanner to the hospital today but Jennifer ended up switching around her work schedule so that she was able to take him, she really wanted to be there with him.

Tanner did really well. He had to drink a bottle full of some liquid called "berrium" or something like that and then after it worked it's way through his system he had all sorts of x-rays done. Luckily Tanner and the berrium cooperated, and the whole ordeal only took two hours! They had originally told us it could take up to SIX hours!!!

Of course, there were no doctors present, just technicians, so we'll have to wait a couple more days to find out the results. Tanner is doing fine though, he's very happy and content and his spitting up does seem to be a little less frequent!

While Tanner was at the hospital with Mom all morning, I took the opportunity to take Elias to Mister Ed's Elephant Museum in nearby Orrtanna, PA.

As the name implies, this place was pretty cool! It's a very small museum of this guy's enormous collection of everything elephants! There's just ALOT of elephants!! But don't feel left out! I snapped a bunch of pictures for my bloggy friends!

I love these kind of little homemade roadside attractions. It's like having a little South of the Border in our very own backyard! (If our backyard was 47 miles away!)

I've actually wanted to go to the Elephant Museum for quite sometime. In 1997, I went camping in Gettysburg with some friends of mine and we saw the brochure for this place and we really wanted to go! However, our tourist dollars were instead lured to Land of Little Horses where we saw pig races and a horse that could count. Memories!

Getting back to our day....could it have been any nicer outside!?! After our tour of the Elephant Musuem, Elias and I met up with mommy and Baby Tanner and had lunch at The Avenue in Gettysburg (FANTASTIC Cream of Crab soup!) then walked down the street for ice cream at a great little ice cream place that has outdoor seating! It was a wonderful day of great weather, good eats, and 6000 elephants!

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