Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Big Tuesday

Well, yesterday was the big day for Tanner's appointment at Johns Hopkins. First of all, let me say, were more people at that hospital then the entire population of Hanover, PA! Anywho, we met with a very nice doctor who asked us a million questions and checked Tanner out from head to toe. (She even gave him a little baby rectal exam!) She told us 100 things that usually cause babies to have excessive spit up and that none of those things seem to be in play with Tanner. Basically, we're just going to have to ride it out. The doctor did give us some new medicine to see if that changes things.

Even though we really didn't get any answers, we were satisfied with the visit. I mean, we're at Johns Hopkins! You got doctors there that are at the top of their field and this doctor took her time and really talked to us and pretty much spelled everything out for us! So for now, it looks like we will have to continue to carry Tanner around with beach towel and always be prepared to be spit up on! The good news is that in most babies the spit up dies down between 4-6 months and Tanner just turned 4 months, so maybe the end is in sight!

All kidding aside, it really makes you appreciate your health and your children's health when you see some of the other kids that were sitting in the waiting room. It makes a spit up problem seem pretty insignificant!

On a lighter note, last night a group of us went to the comedy night at Rafael's in Westminster where my friend Jimmy Meritt was performing. The show started off on a pretty rocky note. The MC wasn't very good and didn't really get the audience all that excited. Then the first comic sucked which made it even harder for the second comedian to win over the room. He was funny, but the crowd just wasn't with him. Luckily, the show organizer took over the MCing duties and got the room's attention and back in the mood for comedy. Jimmy took the mic and rocked a fairly long set. Our table was all the way in the back, and we were all laughing hysterically and trying to get the rest of the room in the mood but between the drunks at the bar talking as loud as they could, and the TV's showing House and CSI, it was un uphill battle for Mr. Meritt.

In the end, Jimmy made the best of the tough crowd and he closed the show on a good note! Jimmy was a little disappointed that I finally was able to bring a table full of people to a show and this was the show we came to! But we all had a good time, and that's all the matters in the end! Hopefully Jimmy will do better next week when he opens for Kevin Nealon at the Improv.

As always, you can see lots of silly pictures from our evening in the Photo Album. I was really there, I just snapped all the pictures!

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