Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend

All kinds of Easter festivities this weekend! Saturday we went to an Easter Egg Hunt with Pop-Pop and Marie which was sponsored by their church. Elias had a great time running around looking for eggs and playing with his cousins. Tanner just enjoyed being outside.

Sunday morning was, of course, Easter Basket time! Elias was thrilled to find a brand new light saber of his own! Now he doesn't have to steal Joey's! Tanner had fun with all the cute little things
he got. Joey is
too cool to care about Easter baskets!

Later in the morning, we went to Jen's grandma's house for a delicious breakfast of quiche, bacon, and fresh baked English Muffin Bread. Good Eats! After breakfast was another Easter Egg Hunt that Elias wasn't too interested in because there was nothing inside the eggs!

In the afternoon we went to Grammy's (my mom) house for a fantastic Easter dinner! We had ham and macaroni and cheese and more fresh baked bread. Later on, Elias had his
third Easter Egg Hunt of the weekend. He had fun looking for eggs with Grammy!

We had beautiful weather all weekend long! Hope you had a great Easter weekend as well!

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