Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ed South's Comedy Spotlight Tour 2006

Ed South's Comedy Spotlight Tour 2006 is rolling into Westminster, MD! Ok...I'm not actually in the show, nor did I have anything to do with putting it together or ever booking it in Westminster...but I know a handful of World o' Blog readers are already planning on going so that's my contribution and therefore I'm calling it Ed South's Comedy Spotlight Tour 2006!

My good friend Jimmy Meritt is bringing his fantastic stand-up comedy act to the new comedy night at Rafael's Restaurant in Westminster on Tuesday, April 11. The show starts at 9:00pm, but Jimmy told me that you should get there at least a half hour early as the room was packed by showtime the last time he played there.

I met Jimmy several years ago when we both worked for a horrible company that will remain nameless, The Picture People. I knew Jimmy and I would be good friends on his first day of work there. A song was playing over the music system and Jimmy says to me, "Isn't this the song that was playing when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man attacked in Ghostbusters 2?" Well, I knew a movie reference like that could only come from a kindred spirit! Jimmy and I later worked together at Crayola Works, where we labeled the boxes in the store room with Saturday Night Live jokes.

Jimmy's stand-up career takes him all over the D.C. and Virginia area, he doesn't do a whole lot of dates this side of the beltway, so it will be cool to have him doing his thang in Westminster for the evening. He's also performed a few dates in New York and has opened for the "Whose Line is it Anyway" tour. In a few weeks he'll be opening for Saturday Night Live's Kevin Nealon at the D.C. Improv.

If you're in the area and interested in going and meeting up with us before the show, you can zap me an e-mail or if you work with my wife you can talk to her about it at work.

Rafael's is located at 32 W. Main Street in Downtown Westminster, MD. Their telephone number is 410-840-1919. Hope to see ya there!

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