Saturday, April 22, 2006

Stamps & Sunshine

The United States Postal Service releases their newest set of Disney stamps today, after an unveiling yesterday at Walt Disney World. The new stamps feature some of Disney's greatest romantic couples.

I was going to comment that Cinderella and Prince Charming look a bit too "cartoony" compared to their appearance in the movie, but now that I give the Mickey and Minnie stamp a closer look I've got a problem with it! That is a 1920's Minnie, with the flower in her hat, the way the face in drawn and the absence of a shirt. But that is definitely a more modern Mickey Mouse, with the rounder face and body. That Mickey and Minnie would have never appeared together.

Either way, they beat stamps featuring flowers or old cars! Stop by your local post office and pick some up today if you still have any reason to use the postal service!

Also, check out this hotel that Jennifer and I are staying at in Tampa, Florida at the end of next month when we go to a wedding! Jen's best friend from high school, Kassy, is getting married on the beach in Clearwater. We're very excited about going and have splurged on a suite in this hotel which is way fancier then the kind of hotels were used to staying at! The pool has a waterfall in it, which pretty much sealed the deal for us! My mom is watching the kids for the weekend, so it's just Jen and I on our own for the first time in many...MANY...years. We're flying down Saturday morning, the wedding and a dinner are Saturday night, and then we've got Sunday to ourselves and we're coming back Monday morning. It should be totally cool.

I'm hoping I'll be able to post some pictures and reports while we're down there! This will be my 19th trip to Florida, but the first not involving Disney World! (Unless I can talk Jen into driving over there Sunday!)

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