Saturday, April 01, 2006

Three Amigos

One of the cool things about having multiple children is watching them interact with each other. Elias loves Joey so much! He's always excited when Joey gets home from school, he always wants to go down to Joey's room and play video game with him. Whatever Joey is doing, Elias wants to be a part of it. When Elias was just a baby, only Joey could make him laugh. That was pretty neat.

Now, Tanner looks up to Elias in the same way. If Elias walks into the room, Tanner focuses in on him and just watches him with wide eyes. And if Joey and Elias are playing around, you can see in Tanner's face that he wants to be a part of the horseplay. It's very sweet.

And of course, Elias helping to take care of his baby brother is priceless. Elias likes to help give Baby Tanner a bath, and give him his bottles. Elias gets upset when Tanner starts to cry. "Oh No! Baby Tanner's crying!" Elias shouts. But when Tanner spits up, Elias backs up and stays clear. "Oh No, Baby Tanner...he spilled!"

Having an infant, a toddler, and a teenage can be very trying and exhausting. It's also very rewarding!

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