Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tom Cruise is a Jerk

Tom Cruise was running around Rome earlier this week promoting his new movie and telling everyone about how much he loved fatherhood and how great a father he is...yap, yap, yap, yap-yap! This all happened THREE days after his new baby was born! THREE!!!! Come on Tom, even the bag boy at Sav-On takes a week or two off after his girlfriend has a baby!

It just cracks me up that he's standing there in front of the press smiling from ear to ear about how great a father he is, when he is thousands of miles away and on the other side of the globe from his 96-hour old baby! I didn't even leave the hospital for three days after my wife gave birth to our first son! And was this trip to Rome really necessary?

First of all, he's promoting Mission: Impossible 3. The reason there is a three in the title is because there were two other movies just like it that made a boat-load of cash. It doesn't really need's what they call a sure thing! What else are they going to do in Rome!? At this point they've all seen the Coliseum and that fountain!

Second, does Tom Cruise really need to worry if MI3 does well or not. As I said, it's a given that the movie is going to rake in the dough...but Tom Cruise is already a multi-millionaire! The opening weekend gross at the Rome AMC 15 isn't going to make or break the Cruise family. He probably hasn't even touched money he's made 10 years ago. He's still dipping into the Interview with the Vampire money!

And then to top it all off, he told all the reporters in Rome that he was only going to be there for eight hours and then he was going to fly back home to be with Katie and the baby. Next thing you know, he's promoting his stupid movie in Paris and London for the next couple of days. Give me a break! My wife was mad at me because I spent too much time at Wal-Mart the week after our baby was born!

Mr. Cruise, I'm sure you're a great provider but you are not being a good father! Your silly car chase and explosions movie will do just fine without you. Now go home, be with your child and your child-bride and start filling that baby's head with all that Scientology mumbo-jumbo you seduced Joey Potter with!

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