Monday, May 29, 2006

A Bug's Life

It's easy to forget how fun it is to look at the world through a child's eyes. One day last week we had a very exciting morning when Elias spotted a rabbit in our front yard. After watching him from the porch for several minutes, Elias and I raided the refrigerator for something to feed the bunny. We put some strawberries on the sidewalk infront of our house and waited for the bunny return. The rabbit never did return, but Elias had a blast anticipating his return.

Later the same day, Elias and Tanner and I took a walk down the street to see all the different trucks at a neighbor's house. The neighbor is getting a new pool! We saw several dump trucks and a cement truck in action. Both the boys were very enthralled!

A couple nights ago, we spotted a little bug crawling across the floor. Elias adopted the bug, naming him Mr. Bug and spent the rest of the evening playing with the bug and carrying him around the house. Unfortunately, Mr. Bug's life was tragically cut short due to an accidental squishing...but we'll always have our memories:

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