Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We Got A Swing Set

I just spent large chunks of the last two days building this gigantic swing set in our backyard. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the
Durango Wooden Gym Play Center & Swing Set. There is no way this would be standing in my backyard right now without the awesome help of our good family friend Jimmy! Jimmy knows his way around a tool box a little better than I do. Let's just say Jimmy was Bob Vila and I was more like
some dorky kid in a Bob The Builder costume. The website said the playground would take 3 hours to build, the actual book that came with the kit said 12 hours, we did it in about 10 working hours!

To see lots of pictures of the finished project, and the kids enjoying the fruits of our labor, visit my Wonderful World of Photos site. Thanks Again, Jimmy!


John said...

We'll be there at first light tomorrow!

Nancy H. said...

Your kids look 'way cuter playing on their swingset than the kid models in that advertisement.

Mobile Version Now Available!.

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