Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bean Bag Dummy

So I go off cracking jokes about some dudes playing bean bag toss in a parking lot on the 4th of July, and it turns out I'm the one that's out of the loop. After posting about being witness to a silly bean bag toss tournament, my brother sends me an e-mail setting me straight on the whole ordeal. He writes:

"Pretty funny post! This is actually a huge phenomenon. The bean bag game you saw is VERY popular in the mid west...Especially in Ohio and Illinois (Chicago colleges). Further in the south it is very popular too, but we play a slightly different game called "washers" where you basically chuck oversized washers into holes or leveled pits. I've seen many many many a game, and as you know I am a game whore. We will often measure the pits for consistency there are often times cash riding on the games. Also, landing on the platform may be some points...and making it in the hole can be another score. very horseshoe-esque. Anyway, washers (and whatever the bean bag game is called) are VERY VERY popular across the country...Especially in college/tailgating towns."

So it looks like perhaps I should keep my trap shut and stick to yapping about things I know about like TV shows no one cares about, prizes in cereal boxes, and Herbie the Love Bug!


Amy said...

Just because you didn't know about it doesn't make you wrong. It's still a pretty ridiculous looking game for grown ups to be playing.

mpm said...

We had the exact bean bag game from your picture (the clown one) growing up.

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