Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Beanbags Aren't Cool

So we're getting ready to watch the fireworks...we got our blanket spread out, we've got chips, we've got a cooler full of Wal-Mart brand Diet Cola, we've got toys for the kids...we're set! Other people have lawn chairs, some are sitting on top of their cars or in the back of trucks...we're all good. And then, down the hill from where we were sitting we see these two big "man-ly" men putting something or other together in the parking lot. They've got tools out and they're constructing two little orange platforms. "Why did these guys bring a bean bag game?" I jokingly said. Then they take the two orange platforms, lay them out in the parking lot, grab a tape measure and measure the distance between them and then....

...they start playing Bean Bag Toss like a couple of 2nd graders trying to win a Scooby-Doo poster at the local church carnival.


Since when was Bean Bag Toss something dudes do to pass the time??? How bizarre!? And the whole time they played I only saw maybe two bean bags make it into the holes!? I think what bothered me the most was that they measured how far apart the bean bag holes were! Was this to make sure they were playing a regulation bean bag toss game in accordance to the National Extreme Bean Bag Toss Conference?

Next week the guys are getting together for a Duck Duck Goose tournament.

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