Monday, July 03, 2006

Two Movies in One Weekend!

This weekend a phenomenon in nature occurred so unexpected that even Al Gore was caught off guard! That's right folks, I got to see TWO movies in one weekend...At the theatre, even!

Saturday night my wife and I saw An Inconvenient Truth at the newly remodeled Majestic Theatre in Gettysburg. Al gores internationally seen "slide show" on the effects of global warming is turned into a feature length documentary in this eye-opening film. The basic point of the film is the world is headed for disaster faster than anyone had ever dreamed of, and we ALL need to get our act together and make some changes to save Planet Earth. (It's a feel good summer blockbuster!) Ice Caps are melting, lakes and rivers are drying up, the average temperature on the planet keeps going up! We're already begun to see the effects we've had on the planet's climate in the form of stronger storms...Hello Katrenia!

From a content stand point, the film is chock full of interesting facts and fascinating photos of what's going on around the world. From a film making standpoint, the movie could have used a little more excitement. There are enough charts and graphs in the film to choke the editor-in-chief of U.S.A. Today. There are also a number of break away segments where we leave the slide show and see the personal side of Al Gore!? I'm not sure what all that was supposed to illustrate or prove, but it certainly broke up the continuity of the message.

If you like documentaries it's worth checking out. It's a shame Al Gore couldn't verbalize all this and get his message across back in 2000. Maybe George Bush would have had a harder time fooling the country into thinking he won the election!

Last night I got to see SUPERMAN RETURNS and it was awesome! The beginning was a little slow, a bit confusing and probably even somewhat self-indulgent. Then Clark Kent goes back to work at the newspaper and things start to pick up. It might be maybe 40 minutes into the film before Superman finally appears, but the build up is fantastic. Superman saves Lois Lane from an airplane that is falling out of the sky and that's where the music kicks in. They used the John Williams score from the earlier films, and it was so cool to hear the Superman theme blaring in Digital Dolby Surround after all these years.

They could have gone so many different directions with the movie since Superman hasn't been on screen in 29 years, but they stayed true to the old movies that everyone knows and loved back in the day. Well played Superman, well played! I'm not much on super heroes but I had a great time! A great summer movie!

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