Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's some more old Valentine's Day cards I dug up on the internets.

Back in the day, we were all connected by one common bond: Super Mario Bros! Who didn't love that game!? And look...Mario wants to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day too. He and his little mushroom buddy are carrying that big mushroom, just for you...while they are standing in....puddles!?! Also notice that this box comes with "two bonus cards on back." You always gave those lame cut-out cards to the two people you liked least in your class. You still gave them a Valentine - for political reasons - but deep down inside you knew their friendship was only worth a "cut-out" Valentine.

This is a great box of Shirt Tales Valentines because it features the characters from the TV show and not the lame Hallmark Cards version of the Shirt Tales where they are all artsy looking. This is the real deal right here. This package even has a card for second season cast addition Kipper the Kangaroo (bottom right.) Opposite her in the bottom left card you can catch a glimpse of Digger dressed in a coyboy outfit. That' just about one of the gayest things I've ever seen, but nonetheless you would have been scoring some big points handing out these bad boys back in 1984.

And speaking of some great TV shows, let's not forget a little show we like to call DARKWING DUCK. In fact, if these cards had come out at any other time in my life except when I was college freshman I just might have brighten up a few ladies days with a Darkwing Duck Valentine! Up top there ya got bad-guy Megavolt wishing you to "Have a Megavolt Day!" Thanks for the creativity on that one. And who can forget StealBeak down at the other end of the top row. Get it? It says "Don't 'Fowl Up'"...and he's a big chicken! That's good stuff.

There used to be a time when little girls looked up to Brintey Spears. That was before Britney used to go around town showing her babymakerto anyone who's been issued a set of eyeballs. It's too bad we'll never see 'Britney & Kevin' Valentines, but then again, we can always dream can't we!?

And here he boy ALF!These Alf Valentines are awesome in every way you can imagine! Anyone who gave me an ALF Valentine could be my sweetheart for the day. If there is one way to a man's heart, it's ALF!

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