Sunday, February 04, 2007

More Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toys

Internet searches for toys based on the Disney Channel preschool series MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE continue to be the number one generator of traffic for this website so now I feel as if it's my duty to provide news on new products in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse line up. I snapped a pic of these new BENDABLE BUDDIES sitting on the shelf at Target. They are basically stuffed animals of Mickey and the gang. They have a wire frame inside that allows you to move their arms and feet and they will stay in place. Not too much unique here except the first chance to get Minnie dressed in her pink outfit from the show. All the other characters pretty much wear their traditional outfits, but Minnie who sports the pink dress and bow instead of her trademark red and white polka dot dress and bow. Perhaps it was easier to animate without the polka dots or perhaps they wanted to make Minnie a little more girlie!?

Mickey's Counting Glove is one of those items that went from first eye-contact to shopping cart in under 3 seconds! When you slide on Mickey's four fingered glove, you'll have to slide two of your fingers into one of Mickey's. You can go around the house and pick up or just touch things and Mickey will count them for you. He counts all the way up to 100 with ya. Or you can play a find it game, where Mickey might ask you to find seven chairs in the house. The glove has no idea if your touching a chair or an aquarium but Mickey counts along with ya and offers encouragement when you reach your goal. The third mode on the glove is Silly Sounds, instead of counting the glove makes silly cartoon sound effects when something is touched or held. Overall, it's a cute little toy even though you only get one glove in the box. They should provide a second, non-counting glove, so you can have two Mickey hands at once!

Not a CLUBHOUSE product, but still fun nonetheless is this giant box of Disney Gummi Favorites we found at BJ's this week. The Mickey Gummi Swirls have been out for a while but now they are in little .9oz bags for quick snacking or lunches. They are pretty tasty little candies with a creamy/fruity taste. The Finding Nemo Gummi Fish are standard fish shaped Gummi Bears but with a nice little squirt of liquid inside each one! Good eats! And of course when you buy them at BJ's, you get 50 little bags in one giant box!

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