Monday, February 19, 2007

Over-Analysis of a Book Written for Six Year Olds

When you're a parent of young children you find yourself reading them the same book hundreds of times. When you're a stay-at-home parent you find yourself reading them the same book thousands of times. Once you've got the book memorized and don't even need to look at the words to read the story, your mind can start to wander. Which is why I have harshly picked apart this little 1988 Golden Book gem titled "Mickey Mouse and the Peanuts". Let's start with the way Mickey Mouse looks on the front cover. Simply put, he looks like Carl from SLING BLADE, and if you've never seen SLING BLADE go rent it because it's a good movie and then you'll also get my reference! Second of all, this book has one of the lamest titles for a book ever. Is that really the best they could do, "Mickey Mouse and the Peanuts"? Really guys...that's it!? You sure? ...and the Peanuts!? OK?!

Let's move on to Minnie in this picture. While the rest of the cast is dressed like Andy Griffith's yard boys, Minnie Mouse is sporting Madonna's "Like A Virgin" look!? What's up with that!? This book is from 1988, so even then Minnie's outfit was at least 4 or 5 years out of date! And while we're on the subject...what in the world did they put on Donald!? Perhaps he traded in his signature sailor suit for this lovely Barber Shop Quartet outfit. I'm pretty sure my great grandfather wore a shirt like that to my baptism in 1973!

And last, I'd like to share this picture which cracks me up the most. In it, Daisy Duck (who's dressed the right way) is drawn completely out of proportion with Donald. She towers over him! If you look at how their shoulders line up, Daisy would have to be 3 times the size of Donald! See what I mean...? Just nit-picking this book to death while I read it for the 9,531st time! But seriously, Daisy is like a giant in this picture! She could squash Donald!

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SummerLee said...

I want to ask you about this book “Michey Mouse and the Peanuts”
I read this book at the age of 7
I can’t remember the whole story of this book, but some images remain in my memory
One of images is Mickey mouse made a boat using his peanuts to help someone
I’m not sure where this image came from
So I want to check this book contained similar images.
Please reply me!
Thank you.

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