Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Short-Lived Series #2: Big to Small Screen Edition

Movies based on old TV shows often mean big bucks at the box office, but taking a movie and turning it into a weekly television series usually results in another "Short-Lived Series". Instead of commenting on all these series individually, I'll just use this blanket paragraph to describe each show:

[Stupid TV Network] brought us this show based on the [mildly popular/hit] movie. It stared [smaller stars than the original] and only lasted [a number less than 25] episodes.

Alien Nation
Baby Boom
Baby Talk (based on "Look Who's Talking")
Bagdad Cafe
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures
Blade: The Series
The Crow
Dangerous Minds (Annie Potts substituting for Michelle Pfeiffer. I think not!)
Delta House (from National Lampoon's Animal House)
Down & Out in Beverly Hills
Ferris Bueller
F/X: The Series
Harry & The Hendersons
Herbie The Love Bug
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
My Big Fat Greek Life (Wedding)
The Net
Police Academy: The Series
Soul Food
Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang
Uncle Buck
Weird Science

and soon we can add to the list: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

1 comment:

brian from ca said...

Thank you, Ed! You take care of your readers!

But seriously, and I mean're just making up "Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang" right? Good one, buddy!

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