Saturday, March 31, 2007

Meet the Robinsons AND....

I saw MEET THE ROBINSONS this morning, Disney's newest animated film. The movie isn't bad, in fact it's got some of the funniest stuff I've seen in an animated film in a long time. The film also isn't all the great. It's kind of obnoxious in parts and it has way too many unnecessary characters but the kids liked it and I wasn't that's all good!

What makes the film worth the price of admission is the added attraction of the 1938 Mickey Mouse short BOAT BUILDERS which was surprisingly shown before the main feature. Not the strongest Mickey Mouse short, it does have a great sequence between Goofy and the ship's masthead Mermaid. It's just great to see any classic animated shorts all cleaned up and shown on the big screen, especially one staring Mickey, Donald and Goofy.
I just read on the internet that if you see ROBINSONS in Disney Digital 3-D (Arundel Mills Mall) instead of BOAT BUILDERS you will be treated to a screening of WORKING FOR PEANUTS, a 1953 short staring Donald Duck and Chip n' Dale, which was one of only two shorts produced by Disney in 3-D back in the heyday of the old blue and red cardboard glasses. Even though I've seen PEANUTS in 3-D before, If I had known it was attached to ROBINSONS at Disney Digital 3-D screenings, I might have traveled the extra miles to see it! Oh Well!

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