Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Woody Woodpecker's Relatives

Here's the sad thing...I'm leafing through some old comic books this weekend and I come across this ad for Woody Woodpecker comics. I haven't seen a Woody Woodpecker cartoon in at least 13 years, and I haven't read a Woody comic book since I was like 10 and I was like, "Oh yeah, Woody had a little nephew and niece. I forgot all about them. I should run a piece about them on the blog and see if anyone remembers them or more importantly remembers their names." It's been many years since I've last seen them, I didn't remember their names! And then I remembered that you can find any little obscure fact in the world on the internet so I hoped on over to Wikipedia and typed in "Woody Woodpecker." While I'm waiting for the page to load I think to myself, "I think their names were like Splinter and Knothead or something like that. But I totally don't remember!" Then the Wikipedia page pops up and I read down the page to discover his nephew and niece's names are....Splinter and Knothead! Wow! Sad, sad, sad...that information is still lodged into my brain...probably somewhere where I should have stored the knowledge that would have allowed me to pass Science in college.

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brian from ca said...

You and I have discussed this before, but what is the deal with cartoon characters always having nephews and nieces? Who are all of these off-screen cartoon siblings who are starting families?

Is Goofy the only major cartoon character in history to cowboy up and have his own son? Though I never saw Goofy's wife... Was Max adopted??

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