Monday, April 23, 2007

Table Trouble

Tanner, 16 months, has graduated from the high chair to the dining room table. It's not that we think he's ready for the move... because he's not, it's just that he won't sit in his high chair anymore. One day a couple of weeks ago, he decided that he's had it with the high chair. When placed in the high chair, Tanner will thrash about wildly, screaming bloody murder until he is released. So we've gone out and bought a new booster seat and another Winnie the Pooh floor mat to protect the carpet, and moved Tanner into the dining room with the rest of us. Now there is five of us crammed around our little dining room table that we bought at Ames when it was just three of us. But not to worry, we've got an Amish farmer building us a fancy new high-quality table that he's going to deliver to us sometime mid-summer. Until then, whoever is sitting next to Tanner (usually Mom) should plan on having her left arm covered in ketchup or other various sauces everytime we sit down to eat!

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