Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend Update 5/4

We had a very fun weekend. Joey was off of school Friday and Jennifer didn't have to work Friday or Saturday night (which is very rare!) Friday after Elias was done with school we headed up to Gettysburg to have lunch at one of our favorite spots The Avenue. It's just a little hole-in-the-wall diner that's been there since electricity was invented but they have some interesting menu items and they have THE BEST Cream of Crab soup I've ever had anywhere! It is SOOOO good. It's worth a trip just for the soup!

After lunch we headed over to the battlefields and visited Little Round Top and Devil's Den. Both are areas of the battlefields that are covered with lots of big rocks that you can climb on and get lost in all sorts of mazes of rocks and caverns and stuff like that. The kids had a BLAST! Of course Jennifer and I spent most of the time making sure no one fell to their death. You could have a pretty bad accident up there!

From there we drove down to the Homestead in Union Mills. This is a little park across the street from where my wife grew up. She spent many hours playing there when she was little, so we took the kids there to share it with them. They were all in a very outdoorsy mood at this point, so they enjoyed running through the fields and seeing the ponds and creeks.

Needless to say, the kids slept very well that night!

Saturday was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, a promotion where comic book stores all over the country give away free comic books. I'm not a big comic person, but one of the free books they were giving away was a reprint of Mickey Mouse Sunday comics from the 30's, so you know I was interested in that. Joey and I got up and went to the local comic book store pretty early. Joey's been wanting to get into comics so this was a good way for him to pick up a few books and see what he might be interested in. I got my Mickey book as well as an Uncle Scrooge book and a book of Peanuts strips that have never been reproduced. I also grabbed a Spider-Man title for Elias which Elias has already poured over several times already asking me tons of questions about The Hulk and Captain America (who appear in ads.) He's very much into the whole superhero thing right now.

After our comic book trip, we loaded the rest of the family in the car and headed up to the Willow Valley Resort in Lancaster County, PA. We spent a nice relaxing evening there playing in their indoor kids water playground as well as their regular swimming pool. We had a nice big dinner at their all-you-can-eat restaurant and took a walk around their duck pond and played on the playground. Another all-you-can-eat meal for breakfast the next morning rounded out our little trip.

Hope you had a good weekend. There's some pictures from Gettysburg on our flickr page, if ya wanna see them!

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brian from ca said...

Free comic book day was a blast! Thanks for the heads up, Ed. The book of "Unseen Peanuts" comics (complete with amusing conjecture on why the strips were never reprinted) was absolutely fascinating! Best free book I ever read.

Of course, I also enjoyed the official comic prequel to the Transformers movie.

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