Saturday, June 02, 2007

Flea Market Finds: Little Disney Treasures

Sometimes finding the silliest little thing at a yard sale can bring you a great deal of satisfaction. When I go to Flea Markets and Yard Sales I'm basically looking for two kinds of things: stuff for the kids (books & toys) and Disney stuff...more specifically memorabilia from Walt Disney World and Disneyland. This morning I came upon some little treasures that I was happy with. First I found a Mickey Mouse Yahtzee game which I had been looking for in stores and all I could find was either Spider-Man or Disney Princess Yahtzee. Elias played Pokemon Yahtzee at school and loved it, but I'm happy we got some classic characters instead of Pokemon or Spider-Man! Then I was digging through a box of Happy Meal toys looking for my long lost Chip n' Dale to complete my set of last year's Disneyland 50th Anniversary Happy Meal and instead I found this Chip n' Dale on the ToonTown Jolly Trolley ride from Disneyland. This toy is from a Burger King Kids Meal that I'm not really familiar with. So, for a dime, I was excited to add that to my collection of Disney Parks junk that I have hanging on the wall at home.

I also took the time to sift through a box of buttons and magnets that someone had. Buttons are cool collectibles, when it comes to Disney World, because they put them out for every little thing that goes on at the resort. So, my Disney sensors went off when I uncovered this old Minnie Mouse button from Walt Disney World's Showcase of Dolls event. The button has the old WDW resort logo which I love and love finding things with the logo on it. Not quite as exciting but still a cool find was the larger Teddy Bear Classic button from 1992 featuring Teddi Barra from the Country Bear Jamboree. Total cost for the two buttons: 20 cents! Good Times!

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