Thursday, June 28, 2007

Trimper's Rides in Ocean City

The Trimper family has owned the rides and other amusements at the beginning of Ocean City's boardwalk for 117 years. Their property now includes shops, an amusement park, an arcade, a Haunted House and several midway games. This year could mark the end of Trimper's Rides in Ocean City. Due to rising property taxes and the value of their land, Trimper's is having a hard time making ends meet and might have to close it's doors after this season. This would be a real loss not only to Ocean City and the state of Maryland but to amusement park lovers everywhere. Trimper's in the oldest continuously operating amusement park in the county as well as home to the oldest continuously operating carousel. They also have tons of antique kids rides and some unique walk through attractions as well. On my recent trip to OC I snapped a few random pictures of the place, I've got some more that I'll share later and I hope to return later this summer for the sole purpose of taking pictures.
This is a warning sing that appears outside a fun house.

This terrifying genie sits atop of a fun house with an Arabian Nights theme.

I like the very 70's look of this sign above the loading platform for a kiddie roller coaster.

There are many unauthorized paintings of cartoon characters along the wall above the kiddie bumper cars. For some reason, they've got Mickey wearing goggles that look more like two blowholes in his head.

They did a little better of a job ripping off Donald Duck.

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