Monday, August 27, 2007

Elias' Fourth Birthday

Four seems to be that magical age where a kid really starts to understand what his birthday is all about and all the goodies associated with having a birthday. Elias was so excited about his birthday yesterday that he was ready at 1:10am to have friends over and open presents. He continued to sit in our bed and talk about his birthday party until 4:30 in the morning! Not quite the way I wanted to start a day of cleaning, grilling and hosting a house full of friends but we had a nice day none the less.

If it were up to Elias, every present would be a sword or at least a weapon of another kind. He did get this set of two Pirates of the Caribbean swords that he really wanted. Most of his presents fall into the categories of either Spider-Man, Superman, Pirates, Batman, or Ninja Turtles. For his birthday party we rented a moon bounce for the second year in a row. This year we had a twenty foot tall Spider-Man moon bounce and slide. All the kids loved it and it acted as a babysitter for the entire day making it worth every penny it cost to rent!

We had a nice turn-out and we want to thank everyone who came and gave Elias such nice presents. It was very enjoyable spending the afternoon with you all! After the party had pretty much emptied out, a few friends stuck around and we ended up doing another round of burgers and dawgs on the grill at about 8:00pm! Good Eats! Good Times!

Happy Birthday Elias!

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