Saturday, August 25, 2007

Huckleberry Hound Fan Club

Being a kid used to be a lot more fun that it is for today's kids. Back in the day nothing was more exciting that having your own membership card into some Fan Club. I can't imagine many kids nowadays putting down their Gameboy to give a credit card sized piece of paper much attention. I would have been all over this Huckleberry Hound Fan Club if I were born about 20 years earlier! Well, I'd still like to send away for it but I have a feeling my check or money order would come back marked "return to sender."

One time when I was a kid I lost my play wallet at a Roy Rogers. Inside was my Roy Rogers Double R-Bar Club membership card and an ID card that I filled out in crayon. Where it asked for blood type I put: "red". Luckily, the bored buckaroo at Roy's took a few minutes from the roast beef shaver and called my house so I could come in and get my important documents.

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