Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Birthday With The Gambler

Not only do I share my August 21st birthday with the incomparable Kenny Rogers, but yesterday my wife surprised me by taking me to a Kenny Rogers concert! How sweet is that!? We had a great time because Kenny Rogers is the man. Whether he's wood roasting some chicken or belting out the hits behind the mic, you simply cannot top the Gambler himself, Mr. Kenny Rogers!

This is a cliche that you hear alot BUT Kenny really does make it look effortless. He came out on stage and sang hit after hit, classic after classic, and never stopped the show to take a breath. He rocked "The Gambler", "Ruby", "Coward of the County"...he brought the dump down with "Lady" and wrapped it all up with a Dollyless version of "Islands in the Stream"! Let me tell you two things..."The Gambler" is simply put, one of the greatest songs every recorded & a singer and a song do not go together better than "Lady" and Mr. Kenny Rogers.
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