Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Smurfs' Alive!

Here's a cool picture from an early 90's Kings Dominion brochure that I had to share with ya'll! How excited are those girls to be meeting THE Papa Smurf in the flesh?! This picture is also great for the background peak at the Hanna-Barbera Land sign. This giant rainbow stood over the entrance to the kiddie land section of the park. Once you passed beneath this huge rainbow the landscape was filled with giant colorful mushrooms and flowers. One of my favorite touches was a little audio-animatronic frog, chomping on a cigar and playing the piano, accompanied by a chorus of singing mushrooms! That was good times right there! Now, Kings Dominion's kids section is filled with two dimensional graphics of long forgotten Nickelodeon shows like Little Bill and CatDog. Long Live the Smurfs!

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