Monday, October 29, 2007

Milking Mickey

Ya know I can't resist any grocery store product bareing the image of my good pal Mickey and his buddies! Flavored milk in tiny little portions? Throw it in the cart! Keeping with their promise to only feature Mickey and Donald on foods that are good for kids, Disney brings us Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Milk in chocolate and strawberry flavors. I consider myself a flavored milk connaisseur and I gotta say these are a little sweet for my taste. The milk is pretty creamy for 2%, but the flavoring is targeted at a kids taste palate. (Go Figure!) Opening up the fridge and being greeted by Mickey and Donald does put a smile on my face, but I think I'll stick with my NesQuick Banana flavored milk. Which brings to the table this philosophical question: Who would win in a fight Mickey Mouse or the Nestle Quick Bunny?

1 comment:

Ladytink_534 said...

I guess it would depend on whether or not we're talking about the regular Mickey or the Kingdom of Hearts Mickey!

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