Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's Bee Movie, Hon!

Bee Movie Fever has invaded our home. Since we bought a Bee Movie book last weekend we've had to read it to the kids about a buzz-illion times. So far we've managed to get away with only one trip to McDonald's for Bee Movie Happy Meals. Running around the house stinging mommy and daddy seems to be a new favorite game. Yesterday, Elias and I made it to the movie theatre to see BEE MOVIE. (Mommy and Tanner elected for a nap instead.) The movie is a good PG-rated comedy. It's fine for the whole family even though the script is geared more towards adults. There were several spots where all the grown-ups were laughing pretty hard, and there are other slapstick parts for the kids. Elias especially enjoyed the scene where Barry (the main bee) surfed on a nail file in a toilet bowl. Barry is, of course, played by Jerry Seinfeld. If you've watched 5 minutes of NBC programing in the last two weeks you already knew that! Fans of Jerry's stand-up or sitcom shouldn't be disappointed as Mr. Seinfeld wrote the screenplay and it is stamped with his brand of humor. Bee Movie is certainly one of the better animated films to come out this year. We had a good time, and we recommend it.

And now....without changing the's my shamelessly cute recent addition to the world of YouTube:

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brian from ca said...

Pfft...we all know there's only one REAL Bumblebee. He defends the Earth from the Decepticons.

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