Friday, December 07, 2007

Spiced Up My Life

I just got back from an amazing 42-hour visit to San Jose, California where I witnessed the pure awesomeness that is The Spice Girls Reunion Tour. Seriously, the show was one of the most exciting things I've ever seen. As you may have guessed from reading this site, I don't usually stop liking things. Once I'm a fan, I'm always a fan and that holds true for the Spice Girls. But, since they broke up many years ago they've kind of been a closed chapter in my book. Sure I've still listened to their CDs, and their movie Spice World remains one of my favorite movies of all time, but I never expected to hear anything new from them again yet alone see them live in concert again! So it was fantastic just to get to see them, and then to add to that the fact that they blew the roof off the dump with their high-energy, colorful, and cheerful show was the icing on the cake! I could go on and try and tell you all about the costume changes, big production numbers and other cool things they did, but pictures speak louder than words so let me share a few photos of The Spice Girls live in San Jose, CA.

Here's the Fab Five together again belting out one of their hits.

It wouldn't be a Spice Girls show without Geri slipping into her Union Jack mini-skirt!

Each of the girls did a little solo number. Here's Emma doing a cover of some song in a very visual set piece.

Geri brought her A-game to the stage with a big production number of "It's Raining Men"

Scary got some dude out of the audience and then strapped him up inside this ladder-thingy while he got a somewhat-graphic lap dance.

Here's Emma looking adorable in one of her 13 costumes.

They have a real jazzy song called "The Lady is a Vamp" so everybody got all dressed up real classy like!

They did another number with all these feathers and some pole dancing.

There's Emma singing at her pole.

They brought these "changing rooms" out for a few songs...

Did I mention it was an awesome show!?

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brian from ca said...

I've seen a lot of concerts and shows, and The Spice Girls Reunion had about the highest production values of any show I can think of. You could really tell that a ton of effort had gone into every second of that experience!

Good times!

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