Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year End Clearance `07

It's that time of the year again to clean out all the stupid pictures that I've saved in my blog picture file but have never used. These are all just random things that I thought were going to go somewhere but eventually didn't live up to the high posting standards of WWoB!

Seriously, THE SINGING BEE is a fantastic piece of television programing. It's a game show when you have to finish the lyrics to songs. They have a band that starts playing a song and someone is singing and then the singer just stops and you have to keep going with it word for word. One little mistake and you're outta there. They do all kinds of songs too, from popular stuff from today to showtunes from the 30's. It's really alot of fun and it's just about the only network show that both my wife and I watch together!

Disney Xtreme Coolers were little juice box-like pouches filled with a 25% less sugar fruit drink. Of course they were aimed at kids and not surprisingly I used to buy them just because they had Mickey and the gang on the box. But, the yellow flavor (whatever it was called) was awesome and addictive. I'd drink two or three at a time! Then they came out with the stuff in a regular size container and I was in heaven, pouring myself a big ol' glass of the yellow drink. Then, before you knew it, Disney Xtreme Coolers were gone from shelves. Then I had to go back to drinking Donald Duck orange juice.

When we were younger, my brother used to seriously collect the little red sticks from these Cheese and Crackers packages. He had, like, 30 or 40 of them. I think we used to try and build things with them.

Seriously, where the heck is Heckle and Jeckle!? They were such a great cartoon, always paired with Mighty Mouse, and I haven't heard nothing from them or about them in years! I know there's a Mighty Mouse movie in the works and a DVD...but where's the Heckle and Jeckle!? That was some first class cartoon entertainment right there.

Last but not least we have this logo which can be found on buttons and whatnot from Hot Topic. Is this not the dumbest thing ever? don't like Nazis? You hate Nazis so much you had to get a button to tell everyone else about it. Newsflash: Nobody liked the Nazis, even Nazis didn't like the Nazis!
Thanks for reading in's to 2008!

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