Friday, December 14, 2007

Ziggy's Shinning Moment

We've talked about Ziggy here at WWoB before. What's the deal with him!? Is he supposed to be funny? Is it supposed to be religious!? He doesn't talk, or have a job, or really do anything at all. He does have more pets than that old lady down the street though! Anyhow, Ziggy has been appearing in newspaper comic strips since 1971 and has also appeared in various Halmark-esque endeavors like greeting cards and good ol' coffee mugs. In 1982 they took Ziggy to the small screen in what is probably the best effort brought about by the Ziggy people. ZIGGY'S GIFT is a delightful half-hour animated Christmas special that is filled with good holiday cheer. In addition to being cute and charming, ZIGGY'S GIFT also boasts some beautiful animation. Whereas most television cartoons are done in "limited animation", this Ziggy Christmas Special is fully animated. It was directed by acclaimed animator Richard Williams who also did the animation for WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT and the ol' 70's Raggedy Ann and Andy movie.
It was kind of hard to find on video but they released it to DVD a couple of Christmas ago, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a copy if you wanted to add this great little holiday flick to your collection. It won't answer any questions about what the heck Ziggy's deal is, but it will certainly put you in a holiday mood. And, unlike the newspaper, Ziggy wears pants on TV.

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