Friday, September 18, 2009

Doggy Doctor

My son Tanner isn't exactly what you'd call cooperative. So, we were a little worried when the doctor ordered some x-rays of the little guy. His uncooperative streak combined with a child's natural fear of hospital equipment was going to result in one ugly afternoon at the x-ray lab. So as we were getting ready to go have the x-rays done and Tanner asked where we were going I told him that we had to take some of his beloved puppies to the vet to have their tummies looked at. "I think one of them swallowed a bone!" I told him. He knew I was only playing, but he was happy to play along. We went and found his puppy carrier toy and we gently placed two puppies inside. Sammy and Sparkles were chosen from among the 40 other toy puppies we have as the patients.

When we arrived at the hospital Tanner was too busy worrying about his puppies to worry too much about himself. Tanner introduced his puppies to the X-ray tech, and she was more than happy to play along. She asked him lots of questions about Sammy and Sparkles and we were actually able to get Tanner's x-rays without too much trouble.

After the x-rays were taken, the tech rearranged the x-ray camera and table and put Tanner's puppies up on the table for their x-rays. We thought she was just playing along and having a little fun with Tanner and then we went in the room where they snap the pictures without getting radiation all over you and she actually took an x-ray of Tanner's two toy puppies! And she even gave him a print out... I just hope that little bit of fun doesn't cost us $200 when the bill comes!


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I LOVE people who love kids.

How's Tanner?

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