Monday, January 04, 2010

Old Malls: Harundale Mall

I love old photographs of malls. Especially when they are soaked in 1960's and 70's decor and fashion. Here's some great old pics I found online of Harundale Mall in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

I wasn't a frequent guest at this mall, but it was near my grandparent's house and then later in life I had some friends who lived near by, so I did visit the mall on more than one occasion. Harundale Mall was one of the nation's first enclosed malls and at the time of it's opening in 1958 - the only enclosed mall east of the Mississippi River. It was not a very large mall (by today's standards) but it was very grand. It had a unique layout and even when visiting it as a child in the 80's I could tell that the mall was from another era.

I remember the mall had a Horn & Horn Smogasbord Cafeteria, which were hard to come by by the time I was in high school. There was also a Polock Johnny's stand in the middle of the mall which I don't need to tell you...was some good eats!

Here's a shot of the movie theatre, which was actually a separate building in a parking lot across the street. I know I had seen a small handful of movies there but the only specific one I can remember is my mom taking my brother and I to see Back To The Future. Eventually the theatre became a second run/dollar theatre before closing. I think it's a church now!?!

I actually worked at Harundale Mall one night. One of my first jobs was with a photographer who ran the Santa Claus operations at a number of malls. I worked at a mall near my house, but one night I filled in for somebody at Harundale Mall on the night they were having Pet Photos with Santa. (I hate was an interesting night!) Another fun memory I have of the mall is the time my buddy and I were escorted out by security for trying to videotape in the mall. I didn't know you needed permission from the mall to shoot inside and I guess it didn't help matters that I was working on a school project and had a full size professional-grade TV camera with us. Ah...memories! If I remember right, we put the camera in the car and went back inside and got some Polock Johnny's.

The mall was built by James Rouse who much later went on to build the bigger and fancier Marley Station Mall right down the road from Harundale. Over time, Marley Station put Harundale and all the other malls in the area out of business. Harundale Mall hung on until 1998. The following year, Harundale Plaza debuted in the same spot as the mall with a supermarket, Outback Steak House, Hollywood Video and other boring offerings.


Matt said...

I do believe that I watched The Empire Strikes Back at the Harundale movie theater. Marley Station is on it's last years right about now. That mall has tons of vacant spaces and the parking lots are run down. Time for more condos?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will tear down marley and rebuild a new one or renovate it!

Anonymous said...

Harundale Mall NEVER had a Pollock Johnny's that was Jumper's Mall. Harundale had a hot dog place, called "Sausage Plus".

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone ever say they hate animals? I'm sure they aren't wild about you either. Figures you'd remember Polock Johnny's and sticking them in your ass. Douche.

Anonymous said...

My family moved to Glen Burnie in 1966 and though we lived miles away from the mall, it was the place my mother took us when she shopped.

The grocery store was Pantry Pride, there was a Kresge's store, where a sales person once told me not to loiter reading the comic books, which I'd do when my mother went shopping.

There was a coffee shop in the middle which was not enclosed and was sunken.

I remember the fountain, next to an open stairway to the 2nd level. My sister's 4th grade class sang Christmas songs on that stairway in 1969.

There was a department store, I think it was Hoschsild-Kohn at the opposite end of the mall from Pantry Pride.

There was another building with smaller shops near the grocery store which had a restaurant. And the movie theater was across the street and when I was a child it was only one very large theater which eventually was split into 2 before I moved away. That was the only theater we had nearby for a long time.

So many memories of this place that unfortunately is gone now.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the partially sunken restaurant in the center of the mall was a Pizza place in the late 60's and the 70's.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jumpers had Pollock Johnny's along with a great arcade.

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