Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Great Pics

I'm always snapping stupid pictures - sometimes just for the family album but more often than not they're for Facebook, Flick, Twitter or this blog. Every once in a while I click off one that just stands out above the rest. Here's two that I've taken recently that I really love:

Here's my kids being perfect angels playing a board game all by themselves one weekend morning. I recroped this picture and I just really love the way it turned out.

Saturday night, after we had six tons of snow dumped on us, I was outside taking a few shots and was playing around with the settings on the camera and grabbed this nice shot of our snow covered abode:

That one be fit for a Christmas card, I do declare!


amy said...

They are REALLY great pics!!

I especially like the one of the boys. Something about being down on kid-level makes kid pics so wonderful.

Corinne said...

Awesome Pics Ed! I love the one of the boys! What a great angle!

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