Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PG-13 Flintstones Shirt...and other goodies

I'm not really a fan of taking classic cartoon characters and making suggestive merchandise with them, but seeing as how The Flintstones are near-extinct in the current pop culture landscape I couldn't help but be a bit excited when I saw this new T-shirt at Spencer's Gifts in the mall! For those of you out of the loop, the shirt actually references a song by rapper Lil' Wayne called BedRock. Among the song's other sexually charged lyrics are the line: "Call me Mr. Flintstone...I can make your bed rock." Suggestive? Yes. Obscene? I don't think so. We've all seen shirts with cartoon characters doing much worse stuff with drugs....or in the case of poor Calvin and Hobbs - relieving themselves on anything under the sun (but mostly the Ford logo.) shirt! You can't blame a caveman for making a pun! The shirt isn't available yet on Spencer's website, but it can be ordered from Stylin Online.

Another really cool item I saw at the same store was this super neat Sesame Street Character Diaper Bag. I'm not sure I'm down with this new trend of slapping Cookie Monster's face on everything from keychains to beach towels and Snuggies. The music store in our mall is filled with new Cookie Monster stuff and I'm not sure punk kid out there with a blue Cookie Monster shirt is a true CM fan. My die-hard Cookie Monster fan roots run very deep! But again, who cares...this diaper bag, with the faces of other characters on the smaller pockets is totally cool...and alot more attractive than the diaper bag we carried around with Baby Elmo and Baby Big Big petting a baby elephant. (Seriously.)

So, next time you are at your local mall make sure you stop by Spencer's Gifts and pick up some great gift items. And while you're there - why not also throw into your shopping cart some novelty toilet paper, a walking cane with a rear view mirror and a horn on it, and some black light posters!

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