Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Week In Movies - Date and a Baby

Date Night (2010)[PG-13] A movie staring Thursday night's top talent Tina Fey and Steve Carrell should be a bit better than this action comedy turned out to be. Michael Scott and Liz Lemon play a married couple who decide to spice things up just a little by going into the big city to have diner one night. A case of mistaken identity leads to their whole night going down the toilet very quickly. For the most part, the movie is very funny. Both Fey and Carrell are always at the top of their game, but the material here feels very familiar. If you're making a movie with top shelf comedic talent, the action shouldn't take center stage for half of the film...the comedy should! Another problem with this film is that the trailer gave away the set up of the film, not leaving much left in the way of story for the actual movie to deliver. Tina Fey is super great (and so is Steve Carrel) I just wish she could find her way into a movie half as great as her show 30 Rock. Date Night is rated PG-13, bordering on R with some pretty rough language and quite a bit of sexual material. Good times!

Babies (2010)[PG] This french documentary follows four babies from different parts of the world from their first breath of life up until their first steps. The four families spotlighted are from four very different parts of the world. It's interesting to compare and contrast what makes for fine baby raising in other parts of the globe and there are some cute moments here and there. I would suspect you could turn a camera on any baby and sooner or later you'd get some cute footage. There is no narrator and not a story to be told. Just lots of shots of babies...the title doesn't lie! Overall, this brief film is fairly underwhelming but an enjoyable hour nonetheless. It's Rated PG, it's loaded with tons of nudity - none of it sexual, obviously. One of the familes followed is a tribe in Africa where all the women are topless and most of the other mothers are shown topless, feeding their babies as well. There is a few shots that seemed gratuitous like a mom and her baby snuggling naked in a bed together and another scene with a mom and child swimming in the buff. Between the non-stop nudity and some rather graphic shots near the begining, I wouldn't recommend showing this film to a child whom hasn't had the birds and the bees discussion yet.

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